How many Case studies do we get in any exam/ division



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    Scott Barber

    Always 2 case studies per exam, 10-11 questions for each case study. Almost always 10 questions for each case study, I think I just came across one or two case studies with 11 questions. Good luck!

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    Rodolfo Martin

    Scott, I took PjM last Saturday (not for the first time) and I was expecting to have 2 case studies of 10 questions each. I think 10 questions is what I had before. The case studies were easy to understand, the questions themselves were clear, and I was able to find what I needed to find in the attached documents without any problem. I passed but I think I was lucky because, I believe, the mix of questions came up very straight forward what helped me to move on very quickly (which is not a minor thing considering that I have a language barrier) and I ended up having more than 90 minutes for the case studies and 20 minutes to revised some flagged questions. Other exams that I failed, I know that bad time management was very significant in the result. I always plan my exams and I think that if you are able to answer 20 questions every 30 minutes, you can get to the case studies with at least 90 minutes. I also take my break just when the first question of the first case study shows and I used the 15 minutes to relax and face the last part of the exam and a fashion.

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    Jian Huang

    The PcM exam I took:

    2 case studies and each of them has 10 questions.

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    Gustavo Diez-Presilla

    I agree, you need at least 20 minutes for go over flagged questions. And I think and believe that the question always will need work more or less in some extension. For me also the language barrier is an issue that I think I am getting over with but it takes time and repetition

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