You Can Do It!!!



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    Juan Perez

    Congratulations! Did you use any 3rd party study materials? 

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    Michael Lennon

    I definitely did.
    I used Arch Exam Prep a lot. I really liked the online exam simulator.

    I used Designer Hacks on my last exam (PDD) and liked it. I did get quite a few repeat questions.

    Some people in my office used Black Spectacles. The consensus I got was that the content was pretty good, but didn't quite prepare you for the the types of questions on the exams. I read through the 4.0 versions of the 

    For me I started taking on larger projects toward the end of my exams, so I feel like it helped going through those actual situations on projects to help inform me on those situational questions.

    One thing I noticed, folks in my office were very worried about the structural questions on the exams. Through all of my exams I may have gotten only a handful. Only study the concepts, especially for 5.0, the formulas are usually give to you and math is usually pretty simple. Know how to convert from feet to inches, that's used to trip you up sometimes. I used Youtube videos to get the concepts for Moment, Shear, ect. Also know exponents (6.5 x 10 to the -6 is the same as 0.0000065). I came across 2 questions on PDD where this required.

    Know the differences between reflected ceiling plans, ductwork plans, electrical plans, ect. Some multiple choice questions can be tricky and you have to know how to read other disciplines drawings.

    Hope this helps!

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