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    Neha Goel

    Hi Nguyen, 

    Thanks for sharing your strategy and the helpful tips! 

    I'm starting to prepare for this section but beginning to feel a bit intimated by all the contracts listed as reference material in the Handbook. Suppose there are 9 or 10 of those. Do you have a recommendation on how to go ab out effectively reading/ remembering the scenarios mentioned in all those contracts?

    Since there are Schiff Hardin lectures for only A201 and B101, did you use any additional resource to understand the remaining contracts? 



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    Nguyen Huy


    As mentioned in the tips, the A201 and B101, in my opinion, are the two most important AIA contracts needed for this test. You still need to know a little bit about other documents like C401 to know when it's architect's responsibility, when it's contractor, owner, or consultants. You also need to know which forms (e.g. which one is the Application for Payment, etc.)

    I would make a excel spreadsheet listing all AIA contracts and their function, then create flashcards to remember.

    The only way to know them is to read them page to page.

    For A201 and B101, I read them then take practice test (use Designer Hacks quiz if you don't want to take full practice exams every day) then read them again and take the quiz again and repeat. 

    AHPP and Ballast would help with summary of the contracts but there is no other way but reading thoroughly. 

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    Olga Islentieva

    I just fail PjM and PcM month earlier :-(

    I did read the contracts, studied with YoungArchitectsAcademy.com, Designers Hacks and little of Black Spectacles... I really did well on practice exams ( over 85%-90%) now I am really confused ! and not even sure what to try or what to continue...

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    Neha Goel


    Sounds like you need a break. Take pause, allow yourself sometime to recreate and come back to see if there are some other critical resources that you should be going through in addition to the current study materials. That's what helped me when I went through a similar phase not too long ago.

    Take a breath, you've got this.

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