PcM passed on the first try - here’s what I did:



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    Jacqueline Kuperman Baratz

    Hey Susan, congratulations! Thank you for sharing your study plan! 

    I am also thinking about getting the Architect Exam Prep. Did you get the whole package? I saw that some of the content they advertise are in Gen 1 and some in Gen 2, do you know if there is a difference? I don't know if I am going to get the whole one or get it separately and wait for them to update the ones in Gen 1. What do you think?



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    Susan Helms

    I got the Gen 2 ‘whole enchilada’. It has everything in Gen 1, plus their new case study guide. Its $129 for the whole package, which seemed like a great price to me. In short, Gen 2  IS the updated Gen 1; it has updates based on user feedback as well as the case study guide.

    I took the practice tests as a learning exercise, to discover the gaps in my knowledge. So if I got one wrong on the practice tests, it was a positive - it meant I had found out what I still needed to learn.  Eventually I felt like I knew what I needed to, and then passed the real exam.

    I forgot to mention in my post that I also downloaded a list of current AIA contracts, then just made my own short list of the  ones that seemed most important - or that I wanted to remember ( the LEED contracts, etc).  The Schiff Hardin lecturers on contracts are great to listen to while driving.

    I studied all the info to learn it for use in ‘real life’, not just to pass. That mindset really helped.

    Good luck !

  • Hi Susan, can you please provide the link to Linda's note.

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    Susan Helms

    It is a post on this page from about 14 days ago - from Linda Cavaiuolo

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    Zahra Mosavat

    Hi Susan, 

    When you were studying the AHPP, did you study "Backgrounder" as well (the blue pages after each section in AHPP)? 

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    Susan Helms

    No, but I did do the questions in the NCARB manual. 

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    Daniel Silverman

    Hey Susan,

    Congrats and thanks for taking the time to give us some insight. I was wondering where you were able to download the AHPP for $20? I can only manage to find it in Amazon for $150 for as an ebook. Congrats again.


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