PPD: Study Approach vs Exam Experience



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    Stephanie Yeow

    Hi Kathryn, How long did it take you to study for PPD?

    Alot of what you said about the exam experience is how I felt taking the exam..I didn't have any very much time at all to check my answers at the end. 

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    Kathryn Walton

    Hi Stephanie,
    I studied for 3-4 weeks, about 4-6 hours/day. After 3 weeks of reviewing the materials, I scheduled the exam. Bear in mind that I have almost 20 years of experience in architecture & construction and haven’t been working full-time. I took PDD less than 4 weeks after PPD, and on that one, I had no time left to review flagged questions. Also, for the first time, I left some questions unanswered. Still passed, but not without sweating it out!

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