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    jennifer foster

    I am looking to sign up for the boot camp and was wondering if you think it is worth the money?

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    Lonna Babu

    @jennifer Yes!! It definitely is- I just finished my last week of bootcamp about 2 weeks ago and as of yesterday passed PjM and PcM (having failed both before bootcamp). It's an amazing program to set the foundation for the exams, learn how to study for them, how to find the time to study for them and then how to actually take the exam. On top of that - you get to meet up with other people daily who are in the bootcamp and learn this stuff together, keep each other accountable, and support each other even after bootcamp is over. 

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    Thad Smith

    The Boot Camp is excellent, it got me on the right track to pass my first 3 exams. I am also blessed with a lifetime of studying materials and resources from the Bootcamp Alumni program. Michael is helping mold a new generation of architects.

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    Ariel Smith

    100% Yes, it's worth the money. Before I joined the bootcamp I was worried about the cost as well but I have zero regrets. For what you get from this program it should cost a lot more. If you go to the Young Architect Bootcamp website to sign up it describes everything you get, the resources are amazing. This program is exactly what I needed - It not only tells you what to study, it also teaches you how to study. To get the most out of it you definitely need to be committed to taking these exams.

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    Rich Blackburn

    If you are looking for a way to confidently approach the ARE, sign up for the bootcamp.  The bootcamp won't do the work for you, nor guarantee you a pass, but it will show you what resources you SHOULD be studying.  Like many starting out, I was a little overwhelmed with all the different ARE study resources.  I thought, "well I can do a little research, and pick one or a few and go from there."  This not knowing was torture for me.  Just following the NCARB recommended materials is NOT the way to go.  You need a FULL plan, and then you need to STICK TO IT!  The bootcamp gives you the structure to create your plan.  Michael isn't some code guru, or all knowing master architect.  He won't give you all the answers.  What he will give you is confidence that what you do spend your time studying will be helpful on exam day.  I was lost before the bootcamp.  I'm sure I would have failed many tests without it.  It has paid for itself not only in money, lifelong knowledge, confidence, and community; but most importantly to me TIME.  I have spent my time so much more efficiently thanks to the bootcamp.   I can not recommend the bootcamp enough if you are at all lost in the great ocean of the ARE.  

    P.S. I am a perfect 5/5 (test order: PcM, PjM, CE, PA, PPD) with only PDD to go scheduled for July 10th.  Good luck on your studies! 

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