PPD - Failed Twice



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    Devin Phillips

    I took PPD for the 2nd time yesterday and got the preliminary "likely to fail".  I feel a bit down right now, so I'm going to take a couple days off and give my brain a break.  Don't feel too down, we'll get it done!

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    Matteo Milani (Edited )

    Ivan and Devin, I have just passed it yesterday (done with ARE!)

    My tip is to add to Architect Companion also Black Spectacles Videos (just pay 1 month subscription and go through all PPD lectures) and Hyperfine study material (his assignments and explanations are just great to get you focused on what matters for the exam). And go again through IBC until you feel very confident about occupancy, construction types, fire separation, mixed occupancy, fire distances, etc (don't memorize anything, just understand well how it works, and be sure you know where specific tables are in the code). I have used Ballast Sample Problems and Mock-up Exams just to see if I was confident on the subjects and the proposed responses. 

    Good Luck!


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