lecinced in Texas through foriegn architect path without ESSA-NAAB evaluation.


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    Ronaldo Guimaraes

    Hi Ahmed.

    I applied for the foreign architect path to certification and I can share my experience.

    Please take to the account that the information and experience I am sharing is not an official statement of any NCARB guidelines and you should double check this information on NCARB web site.

    First you need to check the Licensure requirements by the jurisdiction you are applying for, in your case Texas.

    On NCARB web page you will be able to find this info or you can call your jurisdiction to get additional info.

    If you currently hold a license to practice architecture in a country outside of the United States you can chose this path in lieu of the EESA-NAAB education evaluation.

    If you email or call support at NCARB they will promptly and kindly assist you in all ways possible.

    I hope it helped.

    Best luck for you.


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