Is amber book adequate for PPD?



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    Liliana X. Lais Nuh

    I believe you need more than just AMBER videos for PDD. Dont get me wrong, AMBER videos are excelent but PDD is more technical than PPD and just Amber may be risky. I've also passed PPD yesterday and missing only PDD (which I already took a few times and didn't pass). 

    Check my post this morning. All the resources I posted there should be used for PPD and PDD. Good luck!

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    Michelle Jellison

    I agree with Liliana, that you need more. I'm of the personal opinion that no one resource is enough for these exams. I use Amber Book, and I do like them. I like how the information is presented, but I still use multiple other resources (available through my office), as well as recommended books to pass the exams

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    Brett Spencer

    Building Construction Illustrated is a great resource for PDD and it's relatively inexpensive. I've also read that people have found solace in Jenny's Notes which can be found online if you google "Jenny's Notes AREndurance."


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