PDD PASS! - Study Approach



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    David Kaplan

    Congrats!  Best of luck on PPD!

    So - now that your girlfriend knows all this information as well, when is she taking the test? :)


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    Tasanee Durrett





    Thank you so much for your advice and for sharing your story and resources! I take PDD in 6 weeks and the resources you've shared are extremely helpful!


    Congrats again!

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    Daniel Horn

    @ David Kaplan - Thank you! I've followed your many posts for PDD/PPD over the past year or so and they have helped a ton! Thank you for being such an active member of this forum even though you're done. My g/f is a design strategist, and although she is not technically trained as an architect she loves learning everything about it through me. Thankfully no test for her anytime soon. :)

    @ Tasanee - Thanks so much!! Good luck with PDD yourself! You have lots of time to prepare. I wish you well.


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    Seth Wiley

    Thanks. Congrats! PDD is my last test. I'm hoping to take it in a month.

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