PA - PPD Overlap?



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    David Kaplan


    I took PA first then PPD and I found there to be a LOT of overlap.  I had about a month in between those two tests, and I found that the info I had from PA definitely helped me out during PPD. 

    There's a good amount of site design questions that occur in PPD, and the studying I did for PA helped for sure.  The building code info for PA is also applicable to PPD.  Maybe not so much zoning, but definitely IBC.  Things like egress design and accessibility for sure occur in both exams. 

    To answer your question - yes, it is worth reviewing PA study materials. 

    If it helps, you can search both my posts for PA and PPD and what I studied, that might help you see what sources overlapped on my studying.  The PA post under my name is the one that compares 4.0 to 5.0 - just scroll down that post and you'll see my PA study approach.  The PPD one should be easy to find.

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    Brett Spencer

    To add on to what David said,  I have found that a refresher of the following topics has been incredibly helpful:

    -- Wind Design & Lateral Loads on Buildings

    -- Building Orientation and Climatic Influences (solar orientation, designing for cold, temperate, hot-arid & hot-humid climates, etc.)

    -- Passive Heating/Cooling Design Strategies (this is especially important as it can have an influence on which active heating/cooling systems may be used in a given building)

    -- Storm water management

    -- Lastly, building occupancy, egress and construction types and their effect on a building's allowable area

    The Architect's Studio Companion has been ideal for studying some of these topics as it was supplemental to what I had previously studied in the Site Planning and Design Handbook.  Building Construction Illustrated gets into some of these topics as well and has been one of my favorite resources thus far, although, from a detailing standpoint, is more relevant towards PDD than PPD.  Hyerfine is also highly regarded as it is more interactive and easy to understand.

    Hope this helps!

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