Highly Recommend Amber Book!



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    Elif Bayram

    Hi Jennifer,


    I had a totally different experience with Amber materials. I didn't like the way lectures structured. To me it felt like it skips from one topic to another - which are all related in the scheme of broader things, I get it - so frequently that it makes you forget where this discussion even began. Some answers of the questions that instructor asks through out the video is get lost while lecture tries to cover "everything" within one answer. I wrote my review to them and they said they can cancel my subscription cause looks like material is not meant for me, which I found strange. It is such an easy thing to say rather than trying to understand the criticism and turn it into something positive for everyone. I also don't think it helped me with the PPD and PDD , didn't find it relevant to my test experience.

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    Alan Yang

    I just talked to Michael the author of Amber Book on the phone. He is a very nice guy. Amber Book helped me to pass the exams I have passed so far in a very good way.

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    Melody McKool

    Does anyone know if the content has changed from last year? I did amber book about a year ago and I am debating if they have changed any material or added anything but dont want to re-purchase it and find out its the same old material at a higher price now.

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