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    According to B101 chapter, “If the Bidding Documents permit substitutions, upon the Owner’s written authorization, the Architect shall, as an Additional Service, consider requests for substitutions, and shall prepare and distribute addenda identifying approved substitutions to all prospective bidders.

    According to B101 chapter 6.3, Architect shall be permitted to include contingencies for design, bidding, and price escalation; to determine what materials, equipment, component systems, and types of construction are to be included in the Contract Documents; to recommend reasonable adjustments in the program and scope of the Project; and to include design alternates as may be necessary to adjust the estimated Cost of the Work to meet the Owner’s budget.

    Therefore, Substitutions are the additional service, and then substitution becomes addenda.

    Alternate would be considered as contingency, and used for estimating cost of the work. Architect's responsibility for estimating cost of the work is the basic service. 

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    Oscar Garcia

    Thank you very much ! Excellent answer. 

    This helps me a lot, I usually get confused with this. I'll take PjM in a few days.


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