Fire Doors - open or closed?



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    Scott Barber

    They should automatically close, since they're in a rated wall. Sometimes a fire door has a hold open (if they're in a corridor, for example), which keeps it open during normal use and automatically closes when a fire alarm goes off to prevent/limit the spread of smoke and fire. Occupants should be able to open the doors (in the direction of travel to the exit, at least) so they won't get stuck.

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    Sofia Salvat Mere

    Thank you, Scott!

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    Marquis Nichol

    If fire doors are held open for everyday use and flow, they need to be on magnetic hold-opens that are linked to the alarm control system. They close when the alarm is triggered and the power is cut to the magnetic system that holds them open. Fire doors typically have panic hardware in high traffic areas like horizontal exits (fire rated construction that allows refuge on either side, depending on where the fire is) where one of two doors swing in opposite direction to allow safe passage in either direction. Another method is having a Electromechanical Closer-Holder on a door that is basically a more sophisticated door closer that cuts the power to the internal magnet when the alarm is triggered if the closer is extended all the way to hold-open.

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