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    Manojkumar Venkatesan

    Hi Jennifer, 

    I was looking up to find the process and ended up in few sites and videos which helped me understand. 

    I am posting those links here. 





    If you are looking for a simple answer this would sum up my understanding: 

     The first sequence of events in the FEO is conveniently referred to as Phase One operations. In Phase One, the cabs are automatically recalled to a facility’s predetermined floor of egress. Fire alarm system smoke detectors that are programmed to activate Phase One are located in the elevator lobbies, elevator hoist-way and elevator machine room. If smoke is detected in any of these areas, Phase One is automatically initiated to remove the possibility of the public being delivered to a smoke or flame filled area. If a smoke detector on any level except the Primary level activates, the cabs are recalled to the Primary level. If a Primary level detector activates, the cabs are recalled to the Alternate level. In both instances, a sounder and an FEO lamp in the cab will activate. The cab will proceed immediately to the proper level and open its doors. If no other FEO incidents occur, the cabs will remain in that state until the alarm is reset.


    Hope this helps. 


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    Jennifer Schuler

    Very helpful thank you! 

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