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    Manojkumar Venkatesan


    I see your confusion between Retention Pond vs Detention Pond vs Infiltration Basin.

    This is common misunderstanding between almost all of us taking the exam we think Retention holds water Permanently and Detention Holds water temporarily which is true but not exactly correct because both the systems are designed to let water in to  the Storm sewer with a controlled rate. The water level is controlled by a low flow orifice. In most cases, the orifice is part of a metal or concrete structure called a riser.

    A detention, or dry, pond has an orifice level at the bottom of the basin and does not have a permanent pool of water. All the water runs out between storms and it usually remains dry.

    A retention basin or pond has a riser and orifice at a higher point and therefore retains a permanent pool of water. A retention pond looks like a regular pond, but plays an important role in controlling storm water runoff. 

    An Infiltration pond, is similar to a detention pond but the quality and quantity of pollutants it retains is much higher than detention pond. 

    Hope this helps. 

    To learn more please look into

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    Yong Jae Kim

    I got it. it really helps a lot. I misunderstood. Thank you!

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