RFI Type 3 Code/Contract Information: 8 or 10 hour point?



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    Joel Edwards

    It's 8-hour

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    Hongxi Yang

    But in the 4th paragraph, it clearly says "Type 3: Code/Contract Information RFI. This RFI involves adding code-related issues and project scope errors or omissions. A Type 3 RFI is the most serious and complicated to process, taking approximately eight or more LH of FTEs. Therefore, for calculation, this type of RFI would receive a 10-hour point".

    Well, at the same time, the Table 12.1 at the bottom does show it's 8 hour...

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    Lesley Castle

    @hongxiyang It does look like there is a discrepancy in the Handbook. I see what you are saying - on the same page, page 817 of AIA Handbbook, it shows Type 3 as 8 hour point and 10 hour point in two different locations on the page.


    Hhmmm. Which is it then?

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    Oscar Garcia

    I have the same doubt.
    In addition, the Designerhacks tests indicate 10, the Blackspectacles tests indicate 8. I will consider 8, Blackspectacles has been validated by NCARB

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