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    Overlay zones are covered in the site planning and design reading (page 59) as follows: "Occasionally zoning may include overlay zones that have important implications for land use. Overlay zones such as steep slope restrictions, watershed protection, historic preservation, or aquifer protection may severally limit land development activities or require a higher order of performance from the design, construction, and operation of a site".

    Incentive zoning is not specifically definied in any materials currently in my possesion (to my knowledge), but the principle is covered partially in the Ballast review manual (chapter 14, page 14-10, "variances in zoning"). The concept is that of the conditional use permit: "which allows nonconforming use or other use in the zoning ordinance if the property meets certian conditions" (emphasis on the exception being in the public's interest).

    Additionally, a quick google search turned up this material "Incentive zoning means a zoning in which, an incentive such as a relaxation in zoning restrictions are offered to a developer for providing public benefits like building a desired public improvement, or building in areas that requires economic development. It is also termed as bonus zoning".

    I hope this helps.

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    Stephen Starks

    Addendum No. 1 (concerning earlier comment "Incentive zoning"):

    Please note that I have found the definition for incentive zoning in the architect's handbook of professional practice (ed. 15), chapter 13, page 891 "other zoning techniques" (below):


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    Thanks Guys

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