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    Nicholas Civitano

    Hey Ariana,

    Sorry to hear about the fail... it can be so heart wrenching and such a helpless feeling, especially on Ppd and Pdd where you have put in so much effort and time studying..

    One thing Ill say is try to not lose too much momentum. Taking a break is good, let your mind rest from the intensive study and just the weight of having to take the exam. After failing Ppd for the second time I took 2 months almost completely off of studying over the holidays to give myself a break. After that I came back and studied like crazy for over 300 hours and passed...

    However, I did have a plan in place if I failed the third time. Knowing that I would have had to wait until October to take the exam, I was planning on cutting my studying waaaay back. Meaning, instead of studying literally every second I wasnt working, cooking, eating, working out or sleeping, I was planning on studying one topic for a few hours a week. I.e. create a calender and every week, after taking a break, I would study seismic or lighting or Hvac. Closer to the exam Id take these weekly study notes and start a more thorough exam prep..

    This was to give myself a chance to "live my life" as you said but not so much as to lose the momentum and info I had learned in my previous attempts. If you just take off completely, it may feel nice not having to worry about it, but I feel like you may kick yourself when you start to restudy. Even taking two months off in between my retake I forgot some of the detail stuff and was bummed I had to start over.

    I don't blame you for wanting to just forget about it and get back to some normalcy, and you should for a while. I would just encourage you to "stay in it" even if it is just a few hours one day a week. Think of it more like taking a class or a continuing education thing rather than just studying for an exam. Try to have fun with it even. In the midsts of my studying for Ppd third take, and how miserable I felt with the pressure of the last exam over my head I still felt like I was learning and that what I was learning was still great information to know. I was excited to learn certain aspects because I knew later on in practice I wont have the time to commit to learning.

    Keep your chin up, the exams are not easy and remember, as cliche as it sounds, you haven't really failed unless you quit..

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