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    Michael Lawson

    In this question, they are looking for the item that is not listed in the specification Table of Contents. The item that is not a part of that list is the Metal Railings indicated by the red outline. If I'm reading your question right, it looks like you just slightly misread what the arrow was pointing to in the drawing. Does this help answer your question?

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    David Kaplan


    It's because it's part of the building envelope.  Essentially, CSI Section 7 - Thermal and Moisture Protection - includes all the items that protect buildings from, well, thermal and moisture conditions.  The coping of course caps off the parapet assembly, keeping water from getting into the top.  This is also why items such as metal panels, insulation, vapor barriers, etc. are in this section. 

    You know, I think on a few of my projects I have seen coping in Chapter 5 too - and you have a point.  Certainly it is a metal product usually, but I would say more often than not it's in Chapter 7.  I think moreso though, Chapter 5 is more metal items that are fabricated.  Steel structure, railings, steel stairs - that sort of thing.  All of which are fabricated in a shop and brought to the site.  Does coping fall into that category - sort of I suppose.  But not as cut and dry as the other items I mentioned.

    Hope that helps!

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    Matthew Dirksen

    Like David said:

    Without the coping, would the thermal or moisture protection system perform properly?

    That's how I address things like this - what is it's end use? 

    In general, I interpret the CSI divisions are looking at end use systems or elements. For example: steel rebar & wwm is in 03 and not in 05, shower glass is in 10 - not 08, stainless steel curtain wall material - in 08 and not 05. 

    so on and so forth...

    So I always think about its end use.




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    Yong Jae Kim (Edited )

    It is clear and totally makes sense. Thank you so much!!!

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