Failed 8 consecutive exams & finally had my 1st PASS!



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    saloomeh gharehgozlou

    Congratulations! I am so impressed with your story!


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    Clarissa Hoskison

    Congrats on your first pass and for persevering!! Keep going! Soon enough you'll be licensed! 

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    Gustavo Diez-Presilla


    It is hard but not impossible, you layout good tips, happy to check that I am on good track. I took CE 3 time I failed the two firsts and passed the third, now I am getting ready to take PCM for second time. Coming from Cuba, another language, another way to work and to think, another dimension system makes everything harder but I am a fighter by nature

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    Nicholas Civitano

    CONGRATS! What a great story of commitment and dedication and never giving up! 

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    Kelly Duignan

    Congratulations on passing!!!  I know that it is not easy to keep trying to move forward after failing a few times.  Good luck on your future exams.

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    Austin Fox

    This is so awesome...congratulations! Don't stop!

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    Elsa Contreras (Edited )

    Congratulations! you are an inspiration. I am a mother of two babies, taken 3 exams, failed 3. It's so easy to feel discouraged. 

    If you have an account on Facebook, there is a wonderful support group for mothers in architecture. I think you would greatly benefit from the mentorship, advice, and support. email me 

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    Bruce Dauphin

    Best post I read, im very inspired by your story. 

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    Jian Huang

    Congratulations! You are awesome!

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