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    Jeremiah C Chou (Edited )

    The answer is (B)

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    Yong Jae Kim

    Thank you!

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    Seth Wiley

    Just look at the options and think. Cladding attachments shown are horizontal to primarily allow up/down movement. The outrigger shown will also allow up/down and is not designed per se to allow left/right. The bearing point C must allow movement both up/down and left/right because if not the cladding system - building connection will fail.

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    Jeffrey Butcher (Edited )

    I'm working on something similar for a project right now.  The item labeled C is the vertical dead load anchor.  Basically, all the bearing weight of the panel is on this so it's fixed.  B is a lateral tie back which needs to be able to move slightly and handle non vertical loads like wind.  The question is poorly worded because it only needs to move a little if at all.  The flexibility is necessary for installation.

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