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    Hi Ana,

    My recommendation would be to do PJM and CE and then take PCM. Just my 2 cents.

    Hope this helps.


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    Marina Curac

    Hi Ana,

    People take exams in so many orders, and different things work for for different people. Some people study for PcM, PjM and CE in bulk, and then take them back to back. That may work for some, but not for everyone. Rather than telling you what to do, I'd like to share my experience with those three exams.
    I failed CE and PjM before passing my first exam, which was PcM.
    I studied for that PcM exam pretty hard, for over a month. I covered financials more thoroughly than required for PcM, which helped me tremendously with PjM. I learned those types of business ownership, I learned project delivery methods, I looked at contracts, risks management. I probably overstudied for that exam and was an overachiever.
    Having laid out those solid foundations, I jumped onto PjM a month later. I spent less time studying for this exam than for PcM. I revised my PcM material, and built on top. Having studied financials super hard for PcM really helped me on PjM.
    Then for CE, I basically revised everything I studied for PcM, PjM, and added more building construction studying time. I studied the least for this exam. And it worked for me. I took it 3 weeks after PjM.

    I hope this puts things a little bit into perspective for you. If you have further questions, I am happy to help :)

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    Gustavo Diez-Presilla

    I would take PCM again you have the right moment, when I faield CE for the first time I made the mistake t jump into PCM and I failed then I went back to CE and I failed again but i passed the third time. For all of that I now know thet repetition give you the key for success 

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    Fulan Zhang

    I failed my PCM and then I did PJM and passed. I think it will be helpful to move on to next PJM. Because PCM and PJM have a lot of overlap. Studying PJM helped me  rethink of PCM and find the loopholes in my PCM. Also, study a different subject  helped build up new confident. I hope that helps you!

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    Clarissa Hoskison

    I don't think you can make a wrong decision here. Whatever you're most comfortable with. If you'd feel better moving on, then do that! If you feel like PcM will be hanging over your head when you're taking PjM, I would stick to one until you pass and then move on. There is a lot of overlap between PcM and PjM. Best of luck studying! 

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    Ana Tejani

    Thank you everyone for the responses! Sounds like I could go either way! 

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