FINALLY Passed PPD, but concerned about PDD



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    Robert Marshall

    Congratulations! What helped the most for your study methods? Working on the same 2 last exams myself.

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    Jodi Zoerb (Edited )

    Thank you :). I switched up my habits and studied for an hour in the morning and evening and a half hour during lunch. It’s important to study everyday. Stays fresh. Then the night before, just have your notes open and leisurely scroll through your panic moments. Haha.

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    Nicholas Civitano (Edited )

    Jodi what are your materials for Pdd?

    In my experience PPD was more difficult than PDD. I had to retake Ppd twice vs a first time pass at Pdd. Everyone is different and has different experiences but if you passed Ppd you will pass Pdd too. I think for me it was the deep dive into the materials and knowing that I had passed the others that put my confidence level up enough to pass these last two big ones.

    For Pdd if you dont have it already try Fundamentals of building construction and architectural graphic standards. BCI and Asc are good too, so is Building structures illustrated. FEMA 454 is great for seismic.. MEEB is great for specifics on systems too. The Ibc and codes illustrated help on code stuff. Read ADA guidelines.. and more than anything is staying calm during the case studies. The drawings they give you are bad but the answer is in there. Try to look at as many old Cd sets as you can and just know what is located on each sheet...

    As for the material, when I studied for Pdd and Ppd retake I literally read everything I could on all the topics.. nothing is too big or small.

    Good luck ,and remember if you dont quit youll get it... I had the same stress and worry that "I failed one of these exams twice maybe I cant do it"  but if you keep studying and trying you will eventually!  Even if its the 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th try, who cares how many retakes.. you will do it then youll be licensed! It is worth it!

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    Patrick Edwards

    I did the ol' "take it 2 weeks later" and totally bombed it. My formula has been simple: work hard, put in the time, and I passed 5 easily. I tried to make my studying for PPD work (aka, a shortcut) and it was not good enough.

    So I sat down, put in the work on the right material, and passed no problem.

    The detail level of these tests can be summed up in these materials:

    PPD: Studio Companion

    PDD: Architectural Graphic Standards

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