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    David Kaplan


    I don't know of a list in particular, but for me when I looked over AGS I found these main categories to be very helpful:

    -Structural connection details

    -All of Chapter 7 - AKA Division 7 Thermal and Moisture Protection - really look at wall and roof flashing details.

    -Masonry wall sections and details

    -Stud wall sections and details

    -Curtain wall details

    That's just sort of a starting point I think, but I found that these details were covered a lot on the exams.  Look through the ARE Handbook too - it tells you there to know things like curtain wall head/jamb details and lists a few others.  Trust that if the Handbook is telling you to know those that they will be on the test.

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    Kalvin Cundiff

    Thank you David.

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