Are there ways to get Construction and Evaluation hours outside of the office?



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    If you look at "Experience Setting O:Other Experience Opportunities" you'll find other options. 

    You can do construction work for NGOs like Habitat for Humanity. Whenever you go on a site visit with your supervisor and/or mentor, they count as well.

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    Peter Mall

    While one may be able to fulfill the requirements through Other Experience Opportunities, there is no substitution for real world Construction and Evaluation experience. You will learn more not only about construction but about design, detailing, and roles & responsibilities of architect, consultants, contractor, and owner. This is why your office should put younger people in a CA role. It would be a disservice to you, your company, and our field if they didn't get you this valuable experience. My firm is more of a studio organization which has benefited me in gaining substantial experience in and with all phases of design and construction - conception through commissioning. Just be persistent with your firm leadership and project managers.

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    Jian Huang

    Hey Greg,

    You should talk with your mentor and ask for opportunities to go with him/ her for the site visit. Generally, they would like to take you to the site. And they always expect you to experience everything and observe what people normally do, so it is unnecessary to feel stressed. But your thoughts are welcome if you have any.

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