PjM Fail, moving onto the next one



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    Nicholas Civitano

    I personally liked Ballast and used it for all 6 of my passes to some degree. Just be aware that some sections are not always applicable to where they are and others are missing. I.e. for Ppd you really need to study parts of Pa Ppd and Pdd to cover it all. The practice exam and practice problems helped focus my study. Id aim for 70 percent or higher on these questions. For Ce I would also incorporate Fundamentals of Building Construction and arch graphics standards as well as the Aia contracts the handbook calls out. Study construction docs and photos of each stage of construction so you are aware of what proper construction looks like. Especially for type 3 and 5 construction.

    If you search my name I did write ups for all my exams and covered what I felt was most important. Most of all dont give up, I failed Ppd twice but it just motivated me to work even harder.

    Good luck!

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    Michael Smith


    Thank you for the words of encouragement, and Yes your right it motivates me even more to work even harder. I will check out your post for CE. What Ballast book did you buy? Bundle or Manual?

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    Nicholas Civitano

    I think i bought it all separate but it was the Review Manual, Practice Problems and Practice Exams

    Good luck!

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    Olga Islentieva

    Michael, same here

    "I took my exam today and it was disappointing to find out that I was not successful in this exam either. Exams taken thus far in this order PcM (Fail), PjM (Fail) I went into this exam feeling confident and very prepared, instead I came out disappointed after the results"

    I don't even know where to start again! I took practice tests and numbers were always over 85%

    ARE 5.0 Handbook



    Black Specticles

    Designers Hacks


    I don't even know what else to do - HELP?!


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