A few thoughts on PPD/PDD pass



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    Tasanee Durrett

    Hi Jonathan,

    First off, CONGRATS! This is an amazing accomplishment!

    Thank you for sharing! This information helps a lot. I take my PPD exam on Monday for a retake. You're right, Amber is a great resource!  I am re-reading Building Construction one last time. Would you recommend any areas to really delve into again for this particular resource? My weak point from the last PPD exam was integration of systems. I have really honed in on this with Amber, Hyperfine, ASC, DH, practice exams, and MEEB. 

    Thank you and again congrats!



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    Kung Yu Pan

    Hi Tasanee,

    Thank you, it was a huge relief for sure. I would focus on Amber even though you probably have watched it numerous times. I only used BCI for reference since it's more for PDD. Project integration is a huge part of the exam, especially when it ties back to site and environmental stuff. I have less work experience with site/foundation related topics so I spent a bit more time on those prior to my exam. 

    Another thing I would focus on is navigating IBC. You don't necessarily have to know everything, just need to know where exactly you can find what you need. Good luck and hope to hear good news from you on monday :) 

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    Tasanee Durrett

    Hi Kung Yu Pan,


    I received likely to Pass this morning! Wooohoo! It feels soooo good! Thank you again for all of your advice!

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    Seth Wiley

    Congratulations. Great input. I'm considering buying Amber depending on how I do on a couple more Black Spectacles prep-test.

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    David Kaplan

    Congrats on beating the beasts!!


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    Kung Yu Pan (Edited )

    David - Thanks! your write-ups on both exams were my golden templates. Your help on the forum is tremendous and that's an understatement. 

    Seth - I've never used BS but I highly recommend Amber. I have a lot of faith that Amber can get people over the hill. Good luck and let me know if you have more questions. 

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