On my Path to Failure: Study Strategies for PPD/PDD and Thoughts



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    Rosie O

    Congrats, Amna! And great idea on the folder categories on the computer - I may just borrow that idea!

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    Tasanee Durrett





    Thank you for sharing your story! I'm studying to take PPD next week and I love your use of creating folders! I might have to borrow your idea!


    Congrats again!

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    Amna Martinez

    Thank you Rosie! I also wanted to add the following.


    I'm not sure if this will work for everyone but I moved fairly quickly on the exams I passed, as opposed to those I failed.  I kept repeating 'click, click, click, boom' if i got hung up on a question.  I selected best option, marked it for review and moved on.  Those I failed I had 5-10 min left after completing all the questions.  The ones I passed I had 40-30min left, and I did go back and change some answers.

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    Amna Martinez

    Thank you Tasanee!

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