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    Santiago Alvarez

    Peter -  Thank you and congrats on PcM, and good luck with PjM!  Glad I am not the only one who finds the exam calculator frustrating!

    Nasheet - It kind of covered the spectrum.  Some I found easy; some where more tedious.  It would be beneficial to know some standard conversion (ft, yards, acres) and basic algebra/geometry (calculating areas/volumes).  I made sure to freshen up on that kind of stuff and also the formulas from the Financial section of the AHPP.  I didn't spend anytime studying LEED stuff, not to say it won't come up so if you have extra time, it probably doesn't hurt to be familiar.  

    Sha - Thank you!  I just felt like it was too general.  It's not that many pages to read, so I am not recommending not reading it if you have it on hand, but I don't think it prepared me for this one BECAUSE it was not that many pages to read.  For PcM, I read the material a few times, but I only read it 1 time through for PjM.  It is probably not bad to go through it first so you get a general understanding of what topics you will need to learn, but The AHPP goes into a lot more depth into each topic so I definitely recommend that as being the main study material along with the Schiff Hardin lectures.  

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    Peter Mall

    Congrats on passing. Thanks for the recap. I have mine coming up in 2 weeks (5 weeks after sitting for PcM). I have read thru the Ballast material and AHPP using Wright's study guide. Listening to lectures this week and practice exams from here on out on out. The exam calculator is frustrating (and you cannot bring your own). On PcM I recall doing calcs twice to confirm I didn't miss a step or enter the wrong numbers, this takes precious time.

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    Thank you , Santiago!! Where the calculations difficult or easy ? Any of the calculation you had to remember formulas ? Do you feel studying LEED BD+ C is necessary ( someone mentioned here ) where there a lot sustainable questions in your case ? 

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    Sha Liu

    Congratulations Santiago. What do you mean by PPI is not very helpful for pjm? I am planing to use it. It was good for me on pcm. I did take a quick glance on AHPP but did not read all of the chapter because of running out of time. By I did pass on pcm and ppi did help a lot. So could u be more detail about why PPI is not very helpful on pjm. I may need to focus more on AHPP Then. Thank you so much

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    Amelia Kraft

    Congratulations on your pass Santiago! PjM is my last exam. I did PA, PPD, PDD, CE first then PcM. My personal experience was that CE was mostly contracts and procedures focused and has a lot of overlap with the management exams so might be worth taking before you get into the others while the contracts are fresh in your mind. You still need to be comfortable and confident with construction details though so your experience level would be a factor to consider. Good Luck!

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