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    Santiago Alvarez

    No, do not spend time memorizing names and numbers.  You just need to know the content and be able to apply them in whatever scenario they give you.  Once you've gone through the contracts a few times, you will inherently start memorize the section names and numbers, but that is just a bonus, you wont be tested on that.

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    Kathryn Walton

    Hi Rio,

    You ask very good questions!  Memorization is not required here.  Once you read enough contracts, you realize that they all have the same general structure to them.  The importance of contracts is:

    • Knowing which ones would apply to different scenarios (Design-Bid-Build, IPD, Design-Build, etc)
    • Understanding the contract families: A=contractor, B=architect, C=consultants, etc.
    • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of each party.  AHPP emphasizes a lot of this and explains insurances, rights, and responsibilities very well.
    • Knowing where in the contracts you would find certain information (additional services, for instance); knowing which section you'll find certain information in helps if you're given a contract in a Case Study resource.  I can't recall if the contracts had sections bookmarked, mainly because I'd forgotten about the bookmark tool while in the exam!  If they are bookmarked, then you can quickly get to a section you need without scrolling.
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    Rio Cielo Fama Velasco

    Thanks so much Santiago! Will keep these in mind!

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    Rio Cielo Fama Velasco



    Thank you so much for these!! Will follow these advices/tips. I have decided that to start with the path PcM, PjM and CE!! :)

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    Christian Contreras

    Thank You everyone! I have decided to skip a summer and dive into this material. Keep them coming!

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