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    Stephen Starks



    The process for rotating the drag-and-drop items is also covered in the Handbook, albeit burried in the explanation of a sample question (Should be located in the introduction, page 6, "item types" where it would make sense). I had to do a word search of the Handbook PDF for all instances of "rotate" to find it (thank you NCARB).

    Please see attached, and thank you for mentioning the rotation ability... I did not know about it untill you mentioned it.

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    Kathryn Walton (Edited )

    Wow, thanks, Stephen!

    I read page 6 so long ago and didn't necessarily feel the need to look back on it since I have a few exams under my belt.  Looking at it again, no wonder I glossed over the extremely casual mention of "rotate" in the description of drag-and-place item types.  And the "how to" explanation is buried in a PPD example problem?  Not helpful when rotating could very well be needed in a PA exam problem, too.  I'll find out in three days.

    By the way, that PPD sample problem on p. 98 of the Handbook is the same problem in the on-line demo exam.  Happy to have mentioned this if it helps at least one other candidate.  Still scratching my head about the benefits of the search box, though....


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    Kirsten Cowan

    I know this is too late for the OP, but there is a tiny Find box in the lower left corner of the relevant window when reviewing the Case Study resources on the actual exams - it works. Just look for the Search icon within that window itself on the bottom left corner - it's easy to overlook. 

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    Kathryn Walton (Edited )

    Thanks, Kirsten,

    Finding the search tool isn't the issue; I just fail to see how it is all that helpful.  When you type in a word, it will highlight the word found, but if that word appears on multiple pages, with the loading time between pages, the search tool, in my opinion, is a time suck.  The book mark tool is far more useful to me.  It does help to know how the code references are organized so that rather than searching for a word, you can go directly to the subparagraph and find what you need.

    With just one more exam to go, and not having used the search tool yet except on the Demo Exam, I think I'm good to go.

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