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    Hoang Tran

    Brett, congratulations! Can you share YouTube video or playlist that were helpful for you? Thank you!

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    Brett Spencer (Edited )

    Of course! See below:

    Programming and Analysis:


    The Emergency Egress Standards and How to Choose the Right Landscape Drainage System were the two I found most helpful.

    I also watched some of the ADA Archi-corner videos.  They're very basic but helpful nonetheless and are only a couple of minutes long.  There isn't a playlist but here is one of them:



    Hopefully this helps!




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    Christopher Lodge

    Congratulations, and thank you for the advice Brett!

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    Adrienne Bayles

    Hey there Brett! The first link goes to a Brownfield Remediation video, is that correct?

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    Brett Spencer

    Yupp! that's the one Adrienne! Good luck!

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    Amber Thibodeaux

    Thanks for your post.  I also ran out of time on the exam. Good to know that I wasn't the only one that struggled with time.

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    Wendy Dyba

    I just took the exam and also ran out of time.
    The best advice I can give is to go through questions: if it’s a multiple choice and you immediately know the answer, fill it out. If not, flag it and move on to fill in blank/drag drop/hot spot/etc. With multiple choice if you are running out of time, you have a chance that your answer is right. I had to do that with 5 (!) questions. For what it’s worth, I passed.

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    Gang Chen

    Congratulations! I am wondering why not put in guess answers for the 3 three questions? I guess you did not realize the time is up so quickly and did not even have time to put them in.

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    Brett Spencer

    Thanks Gang!

    The last 3 questions I missed were all math equations from the case study. As I saw that I only had a minute left, I decided my time would be better spent solidifying my understanding of the question I was on (which was a multiple choice) than hurry through the the last 3 equations which I was already likely to get wrong. If they had been multiple choice I would have for sure thrown up a guess.

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