Critical Damping: help!



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    Jason Drewek

    The way I understood it is that concrete is brittle whereas steel is ductile, thus concrete requiring more critical damping so it doesn't vibrate and crumble, weakening the structure further.

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    Matthew Dirksen

    While I have no real world experience with this topic, I believe that a "10% of Critical" value would infer (as your intuition suggests), that the structure DOES have greater dampening capacity than a structure with a "3% of Critical" value.

    If you look at the chart on Figure 4-10, it clearly shows that a dampening value of 0% produces a G value almost 5 times stronger than a value of 10%. 

    Hope this helps (and hope none of this is really on the test, or I guess I need to study another 394 pages..... )


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