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    Laura Perez

    thanks Linda! 

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    Alexander Jacobs

    These look great, thank you.

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    Lesley Castle (Edited )

    Thanks Linda! Do you feel these notes accurately helped you review for the exam? Mine is next week. Still reading through the AIA Professional Practice handbook. Thanks for sharing!

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    Rebecca Jacobs

    Wow! That is so awesome! I have read the chapter but this will be a great way to review. Thank you!!

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    Linda Cavaiuolo


    These notes helped me because they forced me to absorb info from the book instead of just glossing over it. They are pretty complete with all of the important info from the book- with the exception of the contracts.  I found it easier to just review the  actual contracts, and my version of the book was not up to date with the 2017 contracts. After writing the notes, I would review it over and over. After one or two reviews, I found that I only needed to review certain definitions.  In addition to the notes, I studied the contracts, the NCARB Handbook, listened to Shiff Hardin lectures and did Designer Hacks mock exams.  I would also do an internet search here and there.  All of these provided me with enough info to pass the exam. I have the AHPP book, but prefer the Ballast Review Manual much better.  Good luck with your exam!

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    Lesley Castle

    Thank you so much Linda and congrats on passing! Good to know...I will def look at all suggestions above. Thanks so much for sharing your notes! Back to studying now!




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    Hang Cho

    Thank you for your generosity!!!😃  Linda

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    Jennisse Schule

    Wow!  These look amazing!  Thank you so much for sharing!  Jennisse

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