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    Katie Merten

    Gang Chen has always been decent.  And Black Spectacles has a lot of free stuff floating around YouTube. 

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    Kathryn Walton (Edited )

    I found Ballast Practice Problems & Practice Exams to be very helpful, particularly in reading the solutions (even on the questions I answered correctly).*  I used these for PcM, PjM, and CE, and passed all three.  I'm studying for PA now, but I haven't done the problems yet, as I haven't gotten through all the review material.  The Practice Problems and the Practice Exams include Case Studies.

    I also found online exams available through Designer MasterClass and am toying with purchasing the PA one.  The prices are very reasonable, and I've seen one or two people in this forum recommend the site.  They have free "cheat sheets" - one page summaries of specific topics - available for download as well.

    * In the Ballast solutions, material is expanded upon and/or reasons for eliminating certain choices are illuminated.  You'll start to recognize that some questions give you more information than needed to answer the question, or that the question itself already indicates some answers that can be excluded right away.  In reading the possible answers more closely, you'll find hints as to why they might be excluded or included as a possible answer.  Take the time to read the question and understand what is being asked, and you'll improve your practice score.  And during the exam, be sure to utilize that strikethrough tool for the friend that it is!

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