PcM and PjM Pass! Moving on to CE... Helpful Tips We



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    Michael Smith


    Congratulations on the PcM and PjM. I have not had your success on both of those exams, I actually took PjM today. I felt confident but I was not successful. I have used the same resources as you except for Ballast. I posted another post today about additional resources I have used, if you have any thoughts, let me know. I have typically given myself about 7-8 weeks of studying time. I'm taking a day off today but will start studying tomorrow for CE. What Ballast books do you have? I need some positive advice and a pass for this upcoming exam.

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    Patricia McKissack

    Hi Michael,

    Some things that I find to be most helpful when studying for any of the exams is to 1) apply them to my real work situations and 2) is to talk about it in abundance with my co-workers (sometimes debates occur which honestly help with remembering the material). Using the concepts you learn at work help you practice them and your co-workers can help put things into perspective and will sometimes have interesting anecdotes that help you remember as well. I also study different resources on different days to help with finding any parallels or discrepancies across them. Lastly, is to do a little bit each day with some longer sessions each week. Sometimes I'll only open the book for 15 mins but it's still something.

    As for the ballast books, I'm borrowing the ARE 5 Review Manual and it's pair for Practice Questions from my friend who is also studying. The buddy system works. Wishing you the best!

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