AMBER BOOK? study materials?



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    Elaine Wong

    I would also be interested to know as well? I have used Black Spectable and seems like the materials there are too broad for the exam. I actually failed the PcM while using that. So I am really interested in finding other sources to pass the exam. Why is Amber such a great source as I can see that everyone talks about it. 

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    Brandon Richardson (Edited )

    Hello all,

    I have recently subscribed to Amber Book, and I am quite pleased with the purchase. The information is clear and concise. I've only just began studying the material, but from what I understand is you won't need any secondary resources. Amber Book simultaneously exposes you to all six exam categories rather than focusing on one exam at a time.  For some, it can be extremely difficult to organize study materials needed to pass the ARE 5.0. You might feel that you are over studying or not studying the right materials which can lead to discouragement with your exams. Amber Book provides a clear path, and it gives you a finish line which encourages progression. The monthly subscription is quite expensive which really helps keep me dedicated to studying daily. 

    Hope this helps.

    If you are interested in subscribing to Amber Book before March 31st send me an email for an immense discount.

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    Michael Lawson

    I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I don't think you should 100% rely on third-party materials like Amber book, Black Spectacles, or Boot Camp. They can be great resources and helpful with study orientation for the ARE specifically, but the bulk of the material will be in the resources listed in the ARE 5.0 Handbook. Rio, since you're just starting out, I would highly recommend the Handbook. When you figure out which division you want to start with, focus on the study materials listed in the Handbook for that specific section. There are other materials out there that will supplement your learning as mentioned above, but the ones in the Handbook are where the questions are pulled from.

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    Rio Cielo Fama Velasco


    Thank you for commenting. Sorry about the PcM exam, better luck next time! I am really curious about the Amber videos. Not sure though when to purchase it. I am a Foreign Architect so I am still in the process of sending the requirements to NCARB about the verification of my Transcripts and my license in the Philippines. I wish you more luck and success on your next exams!

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    Rio Cielo Fama Velasco


    Thanks for the info. I am really interested in purchasing the Amber videos, but I think I will get it after March31st or longer than that. I still need to finish reading the ARE 5.0 Handbook and gather other study materials and decide which exam should I take first. Good luck on your next exams as well!

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    Rio Cielo Fama Velasco


    Thank you for the very helpful thoughts and advices! Those are the things that I needed right now! Will keep them in mind!!

    Starting is a little bit hard for me because I really do not know what division to start studying first. But I am reading the ARE 5.0 Handbook, and will follow your advices and recommendations! Best of luck and God bless!

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