Looking for a study group in Denver city or for an online study group



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    Katie Merten

    I HIGHLY recommend the Young Architect Bootcamp.  It's exactly what someone in your situation would get good use from.  Check it out! 


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    Brianna Grimm

    Hi Margarita - I just found out today that I failed PA for the second time as well. It is super discouraging, but I want to pick myself back up and keep going! At this point I am also interested in switching directions to PcM and/or PjM while I wait the 6 months to retake PA. I would love a partner in this, as the ARE process can seem isolating. I live and work in Denver, would you be interested in meeting up for coffee or a meal? My email is briannadgrimm@gmail.com if you are interested. Thank you!

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