Passed my ARE a while ago... curious about what I need to do to get the stamp?



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    Julie Brown

    I'm not in NY, but in Oregon, newly-licensed architects attend an oral interview that caps the official process (you get a certificate and there's a discussion about lawfully and ethically practicing architecture, etc) and they explained to us at that meeting that you basically are in charge of getting your own stamp. It just has to meet the requirements of the state statues/rules for the official seal criteria.

    In NYS, those details are here:

    I ordered from a rubber stamp company, made sure the design met the criteria, and my physical stamp came with a digital download version as well.

    I don't feel confident delving into your insurance questions, but hopefully the stamp/seal info is helpful to you!


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    William May

    Here in Pennsylvania insurance is not required to practice.  E & O is not a mandated insurance.  Kind of flies in the face of the protecting the public concept.  I have worked with 3 architects who have been sued, though not by any work that I have done.  One was enjoined by a contractor who paid out of pocket; the other two also paid out of pocket.  In all three situations, the architects had a "slush fund" that paid for damages.  In all three cases they had only had 1 suit in nearly 25 years of practice. 

    You might want to contact a couple of insurance companies and talk to a couple of attorney's that specialize in architectural law. 

    Here's my question - Why don't you know what you are to have?  This is a rhetorical question.  You passed the ARE.  That test, all 6 parts, are there to check that the candidate has the bare minimum knowledge, skill and experience to practice architecture yet here is a question from a licensed architect about insurance.

    On that question you pose, you fail.  It's not a mean spirited comment, just an observation.  I recently failed the PcM.  But I'll bet that if I had enough time, I could pass.  Since I don't know What questions I got wrong I don't know what I Do need to know.  I'm a former Vocational Instructor.  I wrote tests.  I wrote curriculum.  I provided students with information to do projects.  And my students got jobs. 

    The test is a concern because the Pass/Fail rate is so low, 56% pass while 44% fail.  That is a Big concern.  But I digress.


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