Passed PcM Today



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    Hang Cho

    Thank you 🙏 ! I plan PjM & PcM on June!

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    Kristen Amanda Garvey

    Thanks! =)

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    Paul Carson

    Hi Shuchen Crockett ~

    Now that we are in July, is this post this open for commenting?

    Who is Michael, and who is Eric? Are they part of Young Architect's Academy?

    What is "Ben's Hyperfine"?

    With no offense to you or your post, I find your post overwhelming; yet respectfully very informative and I am definitely intrigued by your approach, that I am hoping you will post some links here for me to further research the topics you've discuss.

    Thank you for your time and efforts, as I hope you will help me better understand the content further.

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    Shuchen Crockett

    Hey Paul,


    Honestly, I didn't post my CE pass on April 29th and PA fail on July 1st since this community isn't as active as the ARE Facebook Group lol. Also surprised to receive comments at this point.


    Michael Riscica started Young Architect Academy and ARE Boot Camp, also in charge of the ARE Facebook Group, which has been amazing active communitry.


    Eric Walker wrote Walking the ARE PcM and PA, also two awesome 'cheat sheets' with PjM, PcM + CE, and PA + PPD.


    Ben Norkin started Hyperfine, which includes PcM+PjM, PA, PPD+PDD.


    Hopefully this can help you guide through, highly recommend joining the ARE Facebook Group.



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    Paul Carson

    Thanks for the clarifications Shuchen ~

    Great points; and although I am sure each of the (3) entities you mentioned above equals MORE MONEY MORE MONEY MORE MONEY, I will research further.  For at this point, I am overwhelmed and exhausted by the amount of outside 3rd Party affiliates, for if I am not careful, my mind and bank account will explode, or implode, just like the previous 2-attempts I made during my previous "rolling windows"; to which I was kicked out of. 

    As far as FB, ever since the major lawsuits against Z-berg for "selling" OUR (yours, mine, & millions of Americans) personal information to help assist the Republic Candidate to occupy the White House, I am beyond disgusted with FB and any type of social media.  These exams, and the amount of resources one must purchase in order to "maybe" feel good and confident about taking each (6) exams, and our country's "rigged" elections sorta makes me wanna throw in the towel and move to a more welcoming land. #confused #disgusted #blurrybrained #whereisthefinishline

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    Shuchen Crockett

    I agree with the more money comments, however, Hyperfine is $30 for Pro Practice exams (PjM+PcM) with valuable 6 weeks PDF, $40 for PA with 6 weeks plus an extra week 2 codes section, $55 for technical exams (PPD+PDD) with 6 weeks and a case study file.

    Walking the ARE is $30 each for PcM and PA. 

    To be honest, I would rather spending this kinda money and get the exams done, than failing an exam.


    For FB, I totally understand what you are saying. The only reason I still get on FB is for the sake of the ARE Facebook Group, but I'm basically shutting my eyes towards all the other stuff. 

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    Paul Carson

    I totally agree as well Shuchen ~ money isn't really the issue when it comes to the grand outcome of what is at stake; respectfully, I will choose your path and ignore Black Spectacles, and the dozens(+) who keep blowing up my email claiming they are the best.


    Thanks again, look forward to hearing your success down the line.  Stay posi!

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