What is ideal time dedicated to each exam to make sure enough time for case study & revision?



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    Gustavo Diez-Presilla

    If the gives you at leas from 20 to 15 mins to review after everything is done I would say it is good enough


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    David Kaplan

    Hang Cho,

    I personally only took PA, PPD, and PDD under 5.0.  I feel that 90 minutes is needed for the case studies in those exams, and for whatever reason, PA took me the longest.  Not sure why to be honest with you, it's possible that because PA was my first 5.0 exam I just need to get used to the format and that's why it took me more time.  With PPD and PDD, I didn't find myself sitting there thinking, using up time to write things down or anything like that during the cast studies, and STILL, I felt that I need about 90 minutes to get through those.  The questions involve navigating code documents or drawing sets, and just that act takes time.  In PDD you're going to be going through a set of Construction Documents to find answers, often several drawings to find an answer, so that will eat up time.  When I finished all the questions in PA, I only had time left to review my flagged questions.  When I finished all the questions in PPD and PDD, I had about 90 minutes to go over ALL my questions on that test.  Possible that those two exams were more comfortable for me.  I was honestly surprised at how much time I had at the end of those two tests to really review all my answers. 

    Do remember though that the case study questions do not have added weight - they are worth the same one point each as the multiple choice questions are.  If you get hung up on a question, flag it and move on. 

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    Hang Cho

    Thank you, David!

    How many questions for case study?

    I am from ARE 3.0 thru 4.0 with building system & structural system passed all, though I have to retake PA,PPD & PDD.

    I scheduled them all moth after month hoping all my experience help me to be prepared in a months.

    Any advice ? 😁

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    Hang Cho

    Thank you, Gustavo!

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    David Kaplan

    I think it's between 10-12 questions for each case study.  I think for my exams, one of mine had 10 and the other had 11. 

    I feel your pain on doing multiple versions of the ARE.  I took 5 ARE 4.0 tests before time ran out for me and I had to transition to 5.0.  I actually really liked the 5.0 version WAY better than 4.0.  Good riddance to the graphic vignettes - man those were awful!

    I think you will find a decent amount of overlap among these three tests, particularly between PA and PPD, and then PPD and PDD.  I found when I took my PPD test that all the studying I had done for PA previously really helped.  Likewise when I took PDD, all the studying I had done for PPD helped. 

    Best advice I can give you is to find my study posts on here for each of those three exams, if you haven't already.  I posted my approach to all three of those tests on here.  Click on my name and go to my Contributions.  The PA exam one btw is under the "4.0 / 5.0 advice" post I did.  Scroll down past that discussion and you'll see my PA study approach.

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