PDD Pass - study strategy for IPAL students and recent graduates



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    Naji Alamri

    Thanks for the post Marissa,

    This is impressive of you to graduate as a licensed architect.  2 birds with one stone.

    I just passed my PPD Exam and now getting ready for PDD and last exam.

    Did you use any books on structures?


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    Marissa Yee

    Hi Naji,

    Congratulations on PPD! Not quite licensed yet - still need to tackle the AXP hours.

    For information structural systems, I thought Building Construction Illustrated was a great source. There's a chapter each on foundation, floor, wall, and roof systems with clear writing and great drawings.

    For information on structural calculations, the only source I read was Ballast 4.0 (Chapter 12 - Structural Fundamentals, Chapter 13 - Beams and Columns, Chapter 14 - Trusses). In my opinion, these chapters were a bit too detailed for the types of structural calculations that appeared on the actual exam. Focus on the basics like moment, calculating beam reactions with asymmetrical loads, and uniform load vs. total load (converting from psf or plf to regular pounds).

    Hope this helps!

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