PPD Pass (2nd attempt) - study strategy for IPAL students and recent graduates



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    Dennis McCloskey

    Marissa, congrats to you on a huge achievement!  And thanks for sharing your insights.

    Getting ready to take the PPD and I feel pretty confident all things site, climate, zoning and building codes, accessibility, but need to focus on all things MEP, acoustics/lighting, etc.  Which resources do you think would be most helpful to focus on?  Thanks!

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    Marissa Yee

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for reading! Seems like you're quite prepared for PPD already! For MEP, I'd highly recommend Architect's Studio Companion. This book discussed MEP in accessible, simple language and had very helpful diagrams for each of the systems. See if you can narrow things down to just two or three common systems for air, air-water, and water type systems.

    For acoustics/lighting, I read Ballast 4.0 Chapter 32 - Electrical Systems, and Chapter 33 - Acoustics. If felt these chapters had the right amount of detail. However, after failing PPD the first time around, I found that I needed to focus on acoustics/lighting a bit more. Because of this, I would recommend either Architectural Graphic Standards or MEEB. I read just a few pages in each for both acoustics and lighting, and this helped me clarify the notes I already had from Ballast 4.0.

    Good luck on PPD!

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    Dennis McCloskey

    These are great recommendations!  Thanks so much.

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    Marina Bourderonnet

    This is such a great post! I have been working for 8 years and struggling passing this exam. Thanks for tips, that will help my study plan for the next trial.

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