Appropriate list of documents for foreign degrees



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    Nick NCARB

    Hey Zahra,

    I recommend reaching out to NCARB Cutomer Service. You can read more about the EESA program HERE.

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    Adriane Tuccille Comes

    Hi Zahra

    I'm a foreign candidate as well, my architect degree and license are from Brazil. I can tell you what I did so far.

    First of all I had my transcripts and diploma translated. The same company that did the translation, did also a evaluation report saying my degree from Brazil is equivalent to Architecture Bachelor degree in the US.Then, I brought these documents to my School in Brazil and together with the signed Form122 (it is available on NCARB foreign path link) they sent to NCARB by mail. In addition, I had to send my foreign registration form. The entity in Brazil had the Form 263 signed and sent it to NCARB by e-mail. When all these have been done, I had to wait almost 6 months to hear back from NCARB.

    Hope this helps!

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    Sabreen Masharkah


    I am going through this process. First, you will need to establish an NCARB Record. After that, add your education details. The record will show that you will need to evaluate your license through NAAB. After you pay the fee to NAAB, they will send you a list of documents you will need to upload and/or mail to NAAB. I did it not long ago and these included:

    - A certified or notarized copy of an official transcript from each post-secondary institution you attended in another country.

    - Transcripts from U.S. institutions must be in an official sealed envelope provided by the institution.

    - Description of all courses taken and recorded on each transcript.

    ps. the course descriptions are one paragraph each taken from the school website or catalog. You could scan the catalog and highlight the courses or as what I did copy from the website and provide a link.

    Also, in your case, you will scan the transcripts from international schools and upload them to the NAAB link they provide you and also mail in the official transcripts. Only transcripts from U.S. schools need to be sent by the institution.

    Both NAAB and NCARB customer service will answer your questions thoroughly either by phone or email so I would also recommend contacting them directly.

    Best Regards!

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