Failed PPD for the 4th time.



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    Liliana X. Lais Nuh

    Hi Darryl,

    I am as frustrated as you are. I am on the same situation, I have been working full time in architecture since 2002 and have a lot of experience, however somehow I cannot pass PPD and PDD.
    These exams are different because they are related to engineering. Why do we even have to be tested on it, I don’t really agree with it. In real life we have engineers to back us up and to sign and seal their drawings! Why are we getting tested on their discipline? It sounds more like a way for NCARB to make extra profit on the exams and make our lives incredibly difficult.
    I would also love to sit with NCARB and go over the questions with them. I am attempting for the third time to pass these exams and to be honest the level of their questions and the books they required us to read we might as well go back to school and study engineering and we would take less time. We are architects, not engineers, in an office setting we would never work on a project without an engineer side by side. Not even in architecture school did we learn all what NCARB is asking us to study. There has to be some change and to be honest with you, I feel that the exams that I already passed were enough to prove my knowledge in architecture. I would like to start a petition to remove building system and Structures from the NCARB exams.

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    Hey. I also failed PPD for the 4th time about 2 weeks ago, so please don't be so discouraged. I will be taking PDD for the 1st time soon. 

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