PPD pass today...thanks to Young Architect Bootcamp



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    Ted Young

    How do you sign up for ARE bootcamp?

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    Claudia Shalhoub

    How do we sign up for it?

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    Hang Cho

    Good Job !!!

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    Chelsea Blanchard

    Thanks! This is the link for the YA Boot Camp.


    I hope it is okay to post that here!

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    Lewis Madurka

    You said "I showed up to all of the meetings". Does that mean in person or online?

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    Hi Chelsea,

    What time of the day do they meet? I know it depends on your time zone where you located. Can you choose to meet either afternoon sessions or evening sessions on Sundays or Mondays? I wonder how it worked and fitted for you with your busy schedule.

    Thank you so much!


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    Katie Merten

    It depends on what session you attend and what time zone you're in.  For instance, in March's Bootcamp, my meeting time is 4 pm my time zone, so I just made arrangements with my bosses to take off early on Mondays.  The Group meetings usually happen on Sundays or Mondays, and they are all virtual.  

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    Sofia Salvat Mere

    Congrats and thank you for the tips! Do they have unique study material or is it just the accountability that helped you succeed?

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