When 4.0 to 5.0 Only Grants 1 of 2 Credits



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    David Kaplan


    I can confirm 100% on this - no, it does not get you anything.  That 5.0 Calculator is really misleading, because I too thought "hey, I'm seeing that my passing of the Building Systems test in 4.0 gets me credit in this 5.0 exam.  Does this mean that I don't need to study MEP for 5.0 since I already have credit for it?"  Unfortunately, the answer is no. 

    You should ignore that partial credit stuff.  When you take your 5.0 tests, be prepared to answer any and all questions on that exam and know going into it that you are not getting credit ahead of time.

    Sorry for the bad news - simply trying to clarify as clear as I could!  Hope that helps.

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    Hang Cho


    I passed CD&S, BS, SD, SS @ 4.0 (see attachment). I only credit CE@5.0. For your information.

    Good thing is the knowledge in our brain will be still useful for exam!!!

    I believe that I can finish all by summer with my 20 yrs real world experiences & 15 yrs knowledge of ARE.

    I will take PcM, PjM around spring & PA, PPD, PDD around summer. 

    Good Luck !!!




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