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    Alkananda Yeshwanth Jakkaraju

    I'm sorry, Yohannes. PA is a tough one.
    I found that keeping one eye on the clock, maybe checking it every 10-15 questions, helped me.
    The keyword search function in the case-study references was a lifesaver when I attempted the exams. I highly recommend it to cut down on time. With the zoom function, it gets easier. I recommend using the fit-width or fit-height options, for easier navigation.

    PA is quite a graphic heavy exam, as the sample questions in the handbook indicate. I've resisted the urge to move back and forth between questions, and flagging judiciously.

    I know these seem like silly tips, especially after seeing those four awful letters. But when under pressure in those few hours, I found that they really do help me. 

    Good luck!

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    Caitlin Witte

    Hi Yohannes,

    I get your frustration - as someone who greatly struggled with "word problems" in elementary school, these case studies are word problems on steroids.  I just passed PA on Saturday after failing it once last year.  I've found that PA is really tight on time as compared to some of the other ones so that must be kept in mind.  I tried to set up a time frame and made sure I had at least an hour and a half left to go through the case studies, but you should gauge your time according to what you know works best for you. 

    As for tackling the case studies themselves, what I've found to work better for me is to skim over the front page giving me a quick glimpse of what the case study is about, then I look at the tabs to tell me which resources I have.  To avoid the rabbit hole of going into each resource I skip down to the question and see what that question is asking before getting super well versed in every resource.  Usually from the question you know which resource to use and don't need to waste your precious time on fully understanding every piece of every resource.  (PS, the find tool is super helpful!!)  Also, I've found it really really really helpful to skip to the question and understand what the question is asking and weed out the extra information that may precede the question.  This strategy can work for regular questions and case studies.  

    I'm still trying to get through PPD and PDD but I know we can all get through these!  Best of luck!!

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    Qing Yang

    I had the case study issue as well! Like other people said earlier, check the clock regularly is needed. I used Black Spectacles practice exam online to get familiar with how to navigate through different materials for the case study on the screen…or you can try other similar source to practice. The time for the material to loading is an issue for me as well. So probably, before you open a resouce tab, think about if the information you need will be there. For IBC resource tab, get you self familiar with what each chapter it is for so you can jump right into the correct one or use the bookmark in the first page. The search tool is definitely very helpful! Keep testing and good luck!

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    Pritesh Saxena

    I am sorry to hear your issues about the case studies. I am taking the exam in two weeks and the only thing stressing me out are the case studies and the time management for that. What is the best source to work on case studies sample questions online? I need to understand the problem tackling process and the only way it can be done is to get more and more case studies to practice on. So if there is any material available, please let me know.


    Thanks in advance !

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