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    William May

    This test is absurd.  I hire consultants for projects; Civil, MEP, Fire Protection, Landscaping, Structural and yes, accountants.  I'm not any more an engineer as I am an accountant or Chief Financial Officer.  I don't want to be one either. 

    I'm certain I failed.  But what's worse is to think I passed.  If you say "Whew, boy did I get lucky.  I got a version of the test that I was able to pass." Then you are doomed to at some point get a big surprise when during your business you find out you are in a situation that is getting you sued or you can't pay bills. 

    IDP, AXP - a waste of time for this test.  At no point in my 4 years of IDP did any firm principal give me the opportunity to crack open his books to see how firms do accounting and forecasting.

    Nasheet, Congratulations for passing.  But, if you had to take the test again, say every 5 years as part of staying licensed, would you pass every time with no break in your ability to practice? 

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